ESG Webinar Series 2022

Asian Private Banker’s ESG Webinar Series 2022 brings together senior industry practitioners to explore the changing landscape of Asia’s private wealth management industry and demand for ESG-related products alongside product ideas and innovations that are moving the needle.

Gold – adding ESG to defensive and strategic characteristics

Join us for an illuminating discussion on how gold is moving the needle in commodities ESG, from responsible mining to climate change research to sustaining socio-economic development, and what investors and their advisors need to know when it comes to building exposure to gold, either within or outside of ESG portfolios.

20 April 2022, 3PM (UTC+08:00)

The next stage of the journey for ESG in Asia

In this webinar, our panellists will examine ESG adoption and appetite in Asia, ideas around creating an optimal ESG investment strategy, and what investors need to know about the next stage of ESG development.

21 April 2022, 3PM (UTC+08:00)