Investment Advisory Summit Singapore 2011

Investment Advisory Summit, Singapore 2011

September 6, 2011
9:00am – 6:30pm
Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore

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Beginning in 2010, the Investment Advisory Summits (IAS) are the only events held in Asia that specifically address the needs and issues facing the ever-important heads of advisory and investment counselling at Asia’s leading private banks.


8:00am – 8:55am Registration and Coffee
8:55am – 9:00am Welcome and opening comments
Andrew Shale
Asian Private Banker
9:00am – 9:45am Session 1 | Opening keynote address

Professor Claudia Zeisberger
Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences
Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise Academic Co-Director
Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI) INSEAD

Everything you always wanted to know about risk, but never dared to ask. The world now understands Black Swans to be defined as infrequent events that cannot be predicted in advance, that are of extreme consequence and are easily explained with hindsight.

However, can the adverse consequences of an unforeseen Black Swan be minimized by the use of risk reduction, risk transfer and the 5-R design strategies of Resilience, Robustness, Redundancy, Regulation and Response?

Professor Claudia Zeisberger examines why the best investment and business deals of the past two centuries were made during distressed market environments that resulted from Black or Grey Swans and how Black and Grey Swans can either devastate your portfolio or business if caught unaware, or present an opportunity to leapfrog the competition if prepared.

9:45am – 10:15am Session 2 | Investing after the financial crisis: Improving risk management and asset allocation
The financial crisis brought about many challenges for investors as traditional investment approaches delivered poor results in the face of market volatility. We reexamine two foundations of modern portfolio management theory – risk management and asset allocation. How can we improve risk management? How can we make portfolio asset allocation more robust?

Dr. Harold Y Kim
Managing Director
Head of Cross Asset Group Asia-Pacific
Citigroup Global Markets Asia

10:20am – 10:45am Coffee break
10:15am – 10:40am Coffee Break
10:40am – 11:15am Session 3 | Private banking in Asia following the global financial crisis: the regulatory response to cross-border private banking targeting emerging Asian wealth

The private banking industry is rapidly increasing headcount and other resources in Asia to target the emerging wealth in the region. The aftermath of the financial crisis has accelerated this process given stronger growth and availability of capital in Asia. Many private banks are using Singapore as a hub to service clients based in surrounding countries such as China, India and Indonesia. But there are regulatory headwinds coming from Europe and the US as well as local issues. We shall look to provide a weather report and route map for this rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Nish Shetty
Partner and Head of International Arbitration
and Dispute Resolution, South East Asia
Clifford Chance

11:15am – 11:50pm Session 3 | China as an asset class

Chinese institutions and securities markets are continuing to rapidly evolve as China assumes an increasingly important role in the global economy. Robert Horrocks, PhD, will explore the diversity of China’s investment landscape, based on the fundamental premise that the world’s most populous country should be treated as an asset class in its own right.

When investing in China for the long term—strategy matters. Investors should not simply seek a “China Fund” but rather, ask: “How should I invest in China? What sorts of strategies make sense for my risk and return profile?”

In this presentation, Dr. Horrocks will discuss the factors that make for differentiated, long-term investment performance in China’s equity markets as well as those that enable the formation of distinct strategies that will appeal to different investor classes.

Dr. Robert Horrocks
Chief Investment Officer
Matthews Asia

11:50am – 12:35pm Session 4 | The Role of Private Banks: Wealth Manager or Broker?
The investment and advisory landscape has undergone significant changes in recent years, particularly in Asia. The traditional European model of private banks as long-term wealth managers has been replaced in Asia to some extent by a brokerage-oriented model focused on trading activity. Is this a fair assessment of the current private bank market in Asia? Have we become too focused on short-term trading activity? How do we reorient the focus of private banks back towards long-term wealth management?

Bernard Wai
Managing Director, Head of Cross Asset Group
Sales Asia-Pacific
Citigroup Global Markets Asia

Anurag Mahesh
Managing Director
Head of Global Investment Solutions, Asia Pacific
Deutsche Private Wealth Management

Simon Grose-Hodge
Managing Director
Head of Investment Advisory, LGT Bank

Lena Ng
Head of Derivatives and Structured Products Practice, South East Asia
Clifford Chance

12:35pm – 1:50pm Luncheon
1:50pm – 2:40pm Session 5 | ETFs – Providing value for Wealth Managers
Investors have a choice between active funds and passive exposure via ETF, but why trade ETFs? Nizam Hamid explores the intricacies and optimum methods of trading ETFs, shedding light on some of the common problems heads of private banking advisory face when using these instruments.

Nizam Hamid
Managing Director
Head of ETF Strategy & Deputy Head of ETFs
Lyxor Asset Management

2:30pm – 3:20pm Session 6 | Alternative Investments Panel: Funds of Hedge Funds: Dinosaurs or phoenix?

In the aftermath of the financial crises, the fund of hedge funds industry suffered significant redemption. Indeed, its very business model has been struggling. Can the industry revive and if so, what will it take to breathe new life into the model? Has investor appetite for hedge funds changed forever? How is the industry responding to these changes? Finally, are fund of hedge funds viewed as a commodity or do they still add value?

Daniel Ghirardi
Chief Executive Officer
SYZ & CO (Hong Kong)

Gary Lin
Head of Alternative Investments – Southeast Asia
J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Eleonore Dachicourt
Director, Head of Sales and Advisory
Global Funds Solutions, Asia Pacific
Deutsche Private Wealth Management

Ho Han Ming
Partner, Head of Funds Practice, Singapore
Clifford Chance

3:20pm – 3:50pm Coffee Break
3:50pm – 4:40pm Session 7 | Presentation
Blinded by the RMB spotlight? Why private clients may miss a wider Asia Fixed Income opportunity With the CNH bond market hitting the headlines in Hong Kong, the investment searchlight has firmly focused on the internationalization of the RMB and Singapore as the next potential RMB hub. However, while all eyes are trained on the fortunes of China’s currency, many may be missing a bigger Asia fixed income story and the returns that are currently generated through other Asian currencies, credits and interest rate opportunities.

This presentation will examine why Asia fixed income as an asset class is still under-researched and under-utilised in investors’ portfolios. Although an important trend, the RMB story risks distracting investors and for this reason, combined with a lack of reliable, on-the-ground credit research in Asia, many may be missing compelling moneymaking opportunities in Asian rates and credit, particularly in the high yield arena. In addition, Singapore could be a logical place for China to consider as part of its plans to internationalize its currency given Singaporean investors’ eagerness to tap into the RMB appreciation story.

Yu-Ming Wang
Regional Head of Investments, Fixed Income
Manulife Asset Management

Cheng Duan Pang
CFA, Head of Fixed Income, Singapore
Manulife Asset Management

4:40pm – 4:45pm Round-up
Andrew Shale
5:00pm Official Cocktail Reception
6:30pm Close

Advisory Council

Anurag Mahesh
Managing Director, Head of Global Investment Solutions, Asia Pacific
Deutsche Private Wealth Management

Simon Grose-Hodge
Managing Director, Head of Investment Advisory, LGT Bank

Wayne Crispe
Head of Insurance and Investments, Asia Pacific
Retail Banking and Wealth Management/Private Banking
ANZ Banking Group Singapore

Marc Lansonneur
Regional Head of Investment Teams and Market Solutions, Asia Pacific
Societe Generale Private Banking

Gary Sim
Head Traditional Managed Investments, Due Diligence, Asia

Susan Chua
Head of Portfolio Management, Singapore, Global Investment Services
RBS Coutts Bank

Gary Lin
Head of Alternative Investments – Southeast Asia
J.P. Morgan Private Bank

John Ng
Managing Director, Head of Research and Head of Product Marketing
Bank of Singapore

Eleonore Dachicourt
Director, Head of Sales and Advisory, Global Funds Solutions
Asia Pacific, Deutsche Private Wealth Management

Rishabh Saksena
Managing Director, Head, Capital Markets & Insurance
Global Investment Solutions, Asia Pacific Region
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Rajesh Manwani
Director, Head of Advisory, Coverage and Sales – Singapore
Credit Suisse Private Banking

Mario Becker
Senior Director – Head of Investment Advisory Southeast Asia
Standard Chartered Private Bank


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