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Institutional calibre wealth servicing delivered through a boutique and bespoke approach

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This is a sponsored article from Taurus Wealth.


Following an illustrious career with a number of mainstream private banks in Asia, Mandeep Nalwa’s conviction regarding the conflicts inherent in private wealth servicing was strong enough by the spring of 2008 to independently establish a model that was far better aligned to clients’ interests. Adopting the model of a multi-family office, Taurus Wealth was thus originally founded in Singapore over 12 years ago.

In a region where the value of independent oversight was not as yet easily appreciated, this model initially entailed taking a path less travelled. But by steadfastly adhering to an approach that is bank-agnostic, personalised, unbiased, objective, transparent and dependent on direct client remuneration, Taurus Wealth has built a strong reputation and competitive advantage based on its integrity and objectivity.

“Staying truly aligned to clients’ interests is more than just a sales assurance for Taurus Wealth. It is ingrained in the foundations and DNA of the firm and its client coverage model”

Mandeep Nalwa, 
CEO – Asia and Middle East


Capitalising on the foundations of the Singapore business, Taurus has grown its footprint in a manner most relevant for its clients domiciled in over 25 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Whilst the Middle East and Africa coverage is managed primarily by its Dubai Office, 2020 saw its presence extend to Switzerland following a partnership with strategic investors in Europe who were convinced that the model was ideal to service the requirements of HNW clients in the region. Next on the anvil is a London establishment.

Taurus’ coverage approach is oriented to it acting as a confidante to its clients in holistically managing their entire gamut of wealth management and administration needs.

Financial Advisors who manage client relationships are highly adept at servicing client investments. They are closely supported by a core team of Investment Counsellors who assure deep, multi-asset expertise across global markets. Counsellors are also responsible for managing niche in-house fund strategies that, depending on suitability and appropriateness, find allocations from within client portfolios as well as external investors.

Realising that for HNW clients, wealth preservation is ultimately as important as wealth enhancement, Taurus deems focused risk management as centric to striking the right balance.

“Investing for clients is about managing risk rather than just returns. In times of market turmoil, the real test is in how we manoeuvre volatile markets and manage drawdowns; all the while continuing to take tactical advantage of emerging opportunities”

Haren Shah, 
Group Chief Investment Officer


In response to the growing appetite for private side opportunities, Taurus has in place a dedicated institutional desk that works in tandem with specialist access partners to source pre-IPO deals and affords clients privé access to direct and structured real estate opportunities in focus markets. This desk actively cultivates relations with specialist institutional investors that are happy to engage the firm on the quality of its transaction pipeline and sourcing ability — in the process further enhancing the weightage of the firm as a credible participant in private markets.

Advisors work with a carefully curated network of specialist service providers in meeting any wealth structuring needs of clients — be that family governance, succession planning, optimisation of estate and holding structures or other family office services (including the management of collectibles such as art).

Around 40% of Taurus Wealth’s 60+ diverse professionals include specialists in the areas of governance, compliance, client servicing and operations; contributing to a ‘resources per client’ ratio that is much healthier than industry norms.

“We recognise that our governance, operational and technology frameworks are not just critical to defining the experience of clients but also in setting exemplary standards of regulatory conduct in keeping with the expectations of regulators in the key jurisdictions in which we operate”

Sener Arslan, 
Group Chief Operating Officer


This is a sponsored article from Taurus Wealth.

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