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Your time is precious. And we’ve redesigned our website with this in mind.

Using community feedback, the Asian Private Banker website has been refreshed to improve cross-platform user access and experience. The site is easier to read and operate, with improved navigation, a more powerful search engine, and carefully sorted articles. Enjoy the same premium content, in a more efficient, user-friendly way.

We are proud to present to you the next generation of Asian Private Banker.


With hundreds of combinations of operating systems and browsers, across a multitude of different versions, websites can look ill-formatted from computer to computer. Across the incredible universe of devices and tools available for browsing – we’ve made sure that you receive the most uniform view possible, with an optimised layout so that you can browse easy – wherever you are, whatever you use.


Information is only valuable when it can be accessed – and accessed easily. With our newer and more accurate search engine, dig deep into our archives and keep pace with the latest in industry news with a few clicks or taps on Asia’s fastest, most extensive private banking website.


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The Asian private banking universe is vast and complex. For those who are inquisitive, stories have been meticulously tagged with companies, people, markets, and major topics so that all the information most relevant to you is easy to navigate and explore.


Beside the website, the entire digital macrocosm of Asian Private Banker has been redesigned with an elegant new look. Receive a sleeker daily e-newsletter and a brand new “Top Eight” wrap-up of the week’s most popular stories.


  • Improved content delivery systems and heavy-duty local servers for rapid-fire browsing
  • Clear layout so you see the most important content first
  • Simplified registration and login process
  • Live customer service interface for instantaneous assistance
  • Pixel-perfect design consistency across all devices
  • Robust search function for the navigation of 5000+ Asian private wealth management articles
  • Safer, easier login methods through your preferred social network
  • Reorganised content for a streamlined browsing experience
  • Redesigned daily e-newsletter and a brand new weekly “Top Eight” e-newsletter