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Why it’s time to enhance portfolios with long-short strategies

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This is a sponsored article from Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

After an exceptional period in the history of financial markets, our analysis suggests that equity returns are likely to be more modest in the next 10 years and volatility higher. Central banks from the US to the UK and Europe are ending the era of quantitative easing that followed the financial crisis. As they do so, equities are beginning to perform in line with their fundamentals again and stock correlation has broken down, creating an ideal environment for stock pickers.

The US has led the way with seven interest rate hikes since late 2015 and quickening balance sheet shrinkage at its central bank. This means that the cost of capital for businesses is rising, fostering a tighter borrowing environment where businesses with high leverage and poor business models will not find generating returns so easy.

Such a return to normality presents rich pickings for long-short equity strategies. With their focus on fundamental stock picking, they benefit as companies’ fortunes diverge. At the same time, they can navigate the market volatility that tighter financial liquidity may trigger, through short selling and altering gross exposure to equities.

In the last decade when low-cost beta strategies in the form of ETFs have proliferated, long-short strategies have continued to offer investors a highly effective way to source alpha. In particular, investors gain the flexibility to dial up or down beta and alpha exposure in their client portfolios, depending on the market outlook and clients’ risk appetite.

At Columbia Threadneedle, we take a unique approach to long-short investing, managing two distinctive strategies – Extended Alpha and Absolute Alpha – with the same long-term investment philosophy and similar portfolios. The difference is that they are designed to provide a choice of either equity-type (extended) or absolute, cash-plus returns.

Unique combination of strategies
Taken together, the two strategies offer a unique combination that enriches the wealth manager’s opportunity set, particularly in current market conditions.

At the heart of the portfolio managers’ approach is a quest to identify US companies with the potential to achieve total operating earnings yields above 15%, where the compounding effect allows operating earnings to double every five years. As the top 10 long holdings make up more than half the portfolio, this concentrated approach can generate outsized gains.

The majority of the portfolio’s short book comprises relative pair trades, which are expected to underperform the corresponding long holdings in the same sector. The portfolio also has structural shorts and catalyst-driven shorts, where events such as disappointing earnings, competitive product launches, etc. are expected to trigger price falls.

Our focus on total operating earnings yield allows the fundamental research to be agnostic to value or growth styles. The top-performing stocks in the last five years have been a combination of both value (Berkshire Hathaway, Microsoft, Apple, JP Morgan) and growth (Google, Amazon, Visa, Lam Research).1

Absolute Alpha Extended Alpha
Approach Fundamental long/short Fundamental long/short
Portfolio managers Same team, 25+ years’ experience Same team, 25+ years’ experience
Number of stocks 40 long / 40 short 40 long / 40 short
Daily liquidity Yes Yes
Objective Capital preservation with low S&P 500 beta, and security selection driving total return Embedded S&P 500 beta, with dual sources of alpha from high-conviction extended long position stock picking, as well as shorts
Benchmark Cash (3-month Libor) S&P 500

(Source: Columbia Threadneedle Investments, 20.8.18)

But while the two strategies share the same approach, their differentes in objectives are reflected in risk appetite and benchmark. This leads to varying net market exposures: Extended Alpha has a range of 90% to 110% and Absolute Alpha -10% to +50%.

Fine tuning market exposure
The scarcity and appeal of high-alpha equity portfolios have increased with the rise of passive funds, making a strong case for long-short equity with high -alpha potential. Extended Alpha and Absolute Alpha strategies allow for a full range of market exposures, and can be used separately or combined to fine-tune client portfolios.

1 For illustrative purposes only. The mention of stocks is not a recommendation to deal.

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This is a sponsored article from Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

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