Technology Awards 2019

Launched in 2015, the Asian Private Banker Technology Awards celebrate the innovations and achievements of Asia’s rapidly growing financial technology sector.

The Awards are open to all tech vendors that provide solutions for private banks, institutions with private banking facilities and wealth managers in Asia. Vendors are awarded for their foresight and execution.


Judging Panel

The Technology Awards are judged by members of Asian Private Banker’s editorial team and chaired by Sebastian Enberg, editor.

  • Daniel Shane
  • Audrey Raj
    senior consultant – South Asia editor
  • Twinkle Zhou
    senior reporter
  • Carly Lau
  • Orestes Georgiou Daniel
    senior data and research manager

Today, the editorial team is the most experienced and connected bureau of journalists covering private banking and wealth management in the Asia Pacific region.

Submission Guidelines

The submission period for the Technology Awards 2019 has ended.

If you wish to download the submission guidelines for your reference, please make a request via email: [email protected].

2019 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Asian Private Banker Technology Awards 2019!


Q: Is there any cost of entry for the Technology Awards?
A: No. Fees are not required for entry or consideration.

Do you sign non-disclosure agreements?
A: Yes. We understand and respect participants’ confidentiality requirements and, as such, are prepared to sign NDAs upon request.

Q: Is an in-person pitch necessary to be considered for an award or is an electronic/physical submission sufficient?
A: Past experience has shown that in-person (or video conference) pitches that supplement entries are invaluable for all parties involved, as they provide an opportunity to discuss the finer points of a submission on a background basis. We highly encourage firms to take part in our Demo Day in Hong Kong on 9 January 2020, where in-person and video conference pitch sessions will take place to facilitate these conversations. Pitch time slots are limited and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact [email protected] to reserve a slot.

Q: Can my institution pitch for multiple awards at the same time at the Demo Day?
A: Yes. While individual submissions are required for each category, participants may pitch for multiple awards during the Demo Day for the sake of convenience.

Q: Is a fact sheet necessary to accompany the submission?
A: Yes. The fact sheets are an absolute prerequisite for each awards submission as the details provided within them will help the Judging Panel better understand and evaluate your business and offering(s).

Q: Are deadline extensions possible if my institution requires extra time to make a submission?
A: No. Due to the overwhelming number of entries we receive each year, deadlines will be strictly observed. However, if we are unable to facilitate your request for a pitching session due to scheduling conflicts, please contact [email protected] at your earliest convenience to discuss alternative arrangements.

Q: When will the winners be announced?
A: Formal announcements will be made over the week of 24 February 2020. Winners will be notified ahead of time on an embargoed basis.

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If you have any awards-related enquiries, please contact us via [email protected] or call +852 2529 4178.

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