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The powerful integration of life insurance and investment. Why predict your future when you can create it?

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Swiss Life

This is a sponsored article from Swiss Life.

Combine professional portfolio management with Swiss Life’s Variable Universal Life insurance to mandate control, and with discretion, reclaim your future.

In times of uncertainty, financial resilience is of paramount importance. Adversity can strike at any moment which makes access and control a key driver when navigating incidents that might affect your income, assets, business or personal life. Building a diversified financial portfolio and using alternative approaches such as life insurance are two highly effective tools that investors can use to bolster their financial resilience. A sound wealth planning strategy should focus on your needs and carefully consider your personal circumstances and future goals. While maintaining your current lifestyle is key, securing a future for your family or business should be of equal concern. It is therefore critical that you have access to the right tools to put your plan into action.

From single purpose to multi-purpose.

Swiss Life’s Variable Universal Life (“VUL”) solution, is a life insurance policy that combines bespoke wealth management options with the advantages of high life cover. VUL allows for the creation of additional liquidity which enables private clients, entrepreneurs, and business owners to take full control of their financial futures. The policy is designed for people who enjoy the access and flexibility to make sophisticated decisions and prioritise their wealth planning needs.

With VUL you can supercharge each dollar and make it work harder and more intelligently to secure the future of your family or business. Your existing assets can now serve two purposes: funding your premium and growing your wealth, minimising the need to be out of the market. Having oversight of the assets within the policy means you can ensure you are invested in the way you want — which places you in the best strategic position to benefit from any potential investment upside. At the same time, you and your loved ones receive the comfort and peace of mind of high life insurance coverage.

“By tapping into professional portfolio management, clients can have peace of mind with an investment strategy tailored to their needs and aligned with their long-term goals, knowing that daily investment decisions are taken care of for them.” [Alexander Tan, Co-Head Global IM APAC Wealth Planning & Life Insurance UBS]

“We want to make sure clients have total control, visibility and access to their wealth planning tools, and insurance should be no exception. VUL is a unique offering that can allow policyholders the flexibility to make the changes they need in times of personal or external uncertainty.” [Stephen Hickman, CEO Swiss Life Singapore]

Benefits of managed investment-linked life insurance and high cover.

When growing family and business wealth, it is imperative that clients have access to investments and protection that can be adaptable to varying market conditions, overcome adversity and have a global view that can facilitate personal goals and values. Combining VUL with the discretionary portfolio management service offered by your preferred banking partner can provide both a familiar platform for you to monitor your investments and add institutional investment expertise to a long-term insurance solution.

But how many of us have the time and resources to formulate, monitor and implement their investment strategies? UBS’s industry-leading discretionary offerings can help clients professionalise and automate the entire process. It allows investors to outsource and delegate some, or all, of the important steps to a professional manager who can implement the CIO view quickly and consistently.

Last year, the bank introduced an innovative digital platform, UBS My Way, which allows clients, jointly with their advisers, to design their truly individual portfolios from more than 60 investment building blocks across asset classes, regions and themes and a wide variety of sustainability-focused content in an interactive approach — and then delegate the implementation to portfolio managers.

Flexibility of choice that matters

Our tailor-made solution allows a wide range of investment options including those encompassing environmental, social and governance (ESG) elements. This flexibility of choice has not previously been available in insurance offerings, meaning clients can now make impactful decisions reflecting their values whilst providing a legacy that loved ones can enjoy in an environment sustained by positive change.

“Accessing the full potential of a global investment powerhouse offers clients a round-the-clock service with a reliable and time-tested research and investment approach that ensures each individual portfolio stays on course and delivers towards the client’s goals. We invest further to ensure our platform is world class and continuously launch new and innovative strategies to meet our clients’ needs. Our relentless focus on investment performance and our swift and nimble adjustment of the portfolios will help our clients achieve their goals in the long run.” [Alexander Tan, Co-Head Global IM APAC Wealth Planning & Life Insurance UBS]

“It’s great that clients can now have additional comfort knowing that the underlying investments of their long-term insurance policy are managed by professionals. Portfolio management is the bank’s core competency which is unlike traditional insurance carriers which generally don’t offer a bespoke service.” [Stephen Hickman, CEO Swiss Life Singapore]

Best of both worlds: protection and investment flexibility.

This professional and powerful combination of bespoke investment management and high-end life insurance embraces clients’ ultimate needs to ensure a positive wealth planning experience. As financial experts, we are constantly in search of pioneering ways to help our HNW clients and provide exemplary service and outcomes, enabling them to lead a self-determined life.

Image of Case Study: VUL + DPM

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Swiss Life

This is a sponsored article from Swiss Life.

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