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Poll: Which private bank has the best red packets in the year of the dragon?

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What is the hottest area of competition between private banks in Asia at Chinese New Year? DPM market penetration? Wallet share? The fastest growing net new money? You guessed it, custom red packets.

These ornately-adorned envelopes, known as laisee in Cantonese or hongbao in Mandarin, are presented – often containing money – to friends, family members, colleagues and clients as a gesture of hospitality.

So hot is the competition, the best designs have become a highly sought-after commodity on trading platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Carousell. Of course, Asian Private Banker would never consider selling any of the decorated designs seen below and does not condone such activity.

Here, APB highlights some of the best custom red packet designs from the region’s largest private banks and wealth and asset managers, along with their potential resale value on secondary market platforms.

Ultimately, however, we think APB‘s readers should be the judge of which design is best. Vote for your favourite in the poll below. The poll will be closed on 16 February.

Which institution offers the best red packets for the year of the dragon?

  • Julius Baer (31%)
  • UBS (21%)
  • UBP (12%)
  • EFG (10%)
  • Franklin Templeton (6%)
  • WRISE (4%)
  • PGIM (4%)
  • LGT (4%)
  • StashAway (3%)
  • Pictet (2%)
  • J.P. Morgan Private Bank (1%)
  • Deutsche Bank (1%)
  • Citi Private Bank (1%)
  • OCBC (1%)
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UBS (HK$12.5 per envelope)

Citi Private Bank (HK$5 per envelope)

HSBC GPB (HK$5 per envelope)

J.P. Morgan Private Bank (HK$5 per envelope)

Julius Baer (HK$6.3 per envelope)

OCBC (HK$1.5 per envelope)

Deutsche Bank (HK$3 per envelope)

BNP Paribas Wealth Management (HK$5 per envelope)

Pictet (HK$4.5 per envelope)

LGT (HK$15 per envelope)

UBP (HK$6.7 per envelope)

EFG (HK$5.5 per envelope)

Franklin Templeton (HK$6 per envelope)

PGIM (HK$2.3 per envelope)


StashAway (N/A)

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